• Master technological challenges of tomorrow

    Whatever their business, companies are impacted by the rapidly increasing development of new disruptive technologies.
    To on-board its consultants into this dynamic, ACI is committed to capitalize this strategic knowledge through implementation of actual actions such as the allocation of 10% of its turnover to research & development and technology watch.

  • Put people at the center of our strategy

    We are convinced that freeing the creative potential of our staff is the key of what we deliver. That’s why we choose a transversal managerial approach that favour autonomy and accountability.

  • Support business transformations

    Our clients’ businesses are subjected to profound and numerous changes.
    However, our contacts and missions allow us to distinguish three major lines of these transformations. It concerns:
    – The business agility needed to deal with changes of business model, new distribution channels, innovative products / customer experiences but also with new ways to use and manage data
    – The regulatory compliance which needs on one hand the operational implementation of the new regulations, and on the other hand, the implementation of increasingly sophisticated and reactive control’s systems
    – The business efficiency based on optimized processes, automation of tasks, dematerialisation or BPO

Areas of expertise

We developed 6 axis of expertise

Organisation and transformation expertises

Strategy and business’ alignment

  • Development strategy, restructuring, reorganisation, MTP, blue print
  • Business case and Business plan formalisation
  • Organization streamlining and corporate governance
  • Synergy research, alignment
  • Operational implementation of the strategy
  • Adequacy of resources and support for implementation

Project and change management

  • Preliminary and feasibility study
  • Action plan and delivery monitoring
  • Projects and intricate programs management
  • Change management
  • Management of restructuring programs and entity run-off
  • Specific training

Operational efficiency and data management

  • Business process efficiency / Lean 6 sigma approach
  • Performance monitoring, identification of potentials profit and productivity benefits
  • Robotic process automation
  • Business agility
  • Quality and innovation programs

Financial, risk and compliance expertises

Regulatory implementation

  • Resolution plan (BRRD)
  • Impact analysis
  • Certification process’ support (ECB, ACPR, FMA…)
  • Policy, guidelines and process documentation. Elaboration, adjustments, regulatory compliance

Support to risk and financial business units

  • Stress test, simulation and pricing, backtesting
  • Data quality management
  • Optimization of capital requirements
  • Comitology and governance
  • Asset and Liabilities management, securitization

Audit, internal control & compliance

  • Organisation, monitoring and evaluation of controls (effectiveness of internal controls and audit…)
  • Remediation plan and external core services providers audit
  • Optimisation of controls (risk reduction)
  • Compliance processes (KYC, ML/FT…)

Vincent Falgéras


Beginning at the General Inspection, Vincent worked in an international environment for banks (Europe, US and Asia). Then Vincent managed many complex projects for C-Level executives, such as audit, acquisition or merger of major banks among others. He moved in consulting industry to become a Partner and developed commercial offers pertaining to regulatory changes within Financial Industry (insurance, banks, brokerage…).
Vincent also had responsibility as executive board member for international leaders.

Mob : +33 (0)6 61 59 51 23
Mail : vincent.falgeras@acipartners.fr

Jean-Fabrice Feuillet


Jean-Fabrice Feuillet started his career has financial auditor. He was then Director of Operations (HSBC Madrid), Manager for PWC Consulting and Cap Gemini, Program Director at Fortis in Brussels and Partner at Kurt Salmon.
He has participated in implementation projects of new standards (IFRS, BII and BIII), supervised missions of organization (Business process, organizations alignment…), coordinated strategical projects (PMI, business plan, blueprint…) and finally created and animated the French Risks Observatory.

Mob : +33 (0)6 15 17 34 94
Mail : jeanfabrice.feuillet@acipartners.fr

François Pineau


As part as his professional experience, François was Financial Controller and then Head of ALM within a BPCE group’s regional bank.
François also held various positions at Dexia. First as area manager in charge of the UK and Slovakia he then became Risk Director for EEC countries in Vienna then Head of Risks in Seattle. Finally he became COO then CEO and Executive Director of the London branch that he closed.
He dealt with many financials, risks and compliance issues during growth phases (acquisition, branch opening…), restructuring and resolution.

Mob : +33 (0)6 61 97 47 27
Mail : francois.pineau@acipartners.fr

They complement each other for the benefit of their client with a consulting approach

The common denominator of the founders is the bank-insurance industry, nonetheless each partner brings his own set of expertise:

  • Functional knowledge: finance, risks, compliance, transformation…
  • Consulting skills: project management, change management, operational efficiency, strategic thinking, PMI…
  • Sectorial expertise: insurances, banks, asset management, social security and welfare institutions …

Key figures


areas of expertise




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