Our areas of expertise

We develop 6 axis of complementary expertises

Organisation and transformation expertises

Strategy and business’ alignment

  • Development strategy, restructuring, reorganisation, MTP, blue print
  • Business case and Business plan formalisation
  • Organization streamlining and corporate governance
  • Synergy research, alignment
  • Operational implementation of the strategy
  • Adequacy of resources and support for implementation

Project and change management

  • Preliminary and feasibility study
  • Action plan and delivery monitoring
  • Projects and intricate programs management
  • Change management
  • Management of restructuring programs and entity run-off
  • Specific training

Operational efficiency and data management

  • Business process efficiency / Lean 6 sigma approach
  • Performance monitoring, identification of potentials profit and productivity benefits
  • Robotic process automation
  • Business agility
  • Quality and innovation programs

Financial, risk and compliance expertises

Regulatory implementation

  • Resolution plan (BRRD)
  • Impact analysis
  • Certification process’ support (ECB, ACPR, FMA…)
  • Policy, guidelines and process documentation. Elaboration, adjustments, regulatory compliance

Support to risk and financial business units

  • Stress test, simulation and pricing, backtesting
  • Data quality management
  • Optimization of capital requirements
  • Comitology and governance
  • Asset and Liabilities management, securitization

Audit, internal control & compliance

  • Organisation, monitoring and evaluation of controls (effectiveness of internal controls and audit…)
  • Remediation plan and external core services providers audit
  • Optimisation of controls (risk reduction)
  • Compliance processes (KYC, ML/FT…)